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Car inspections are an absolute crucial aspect of car maintenance and ownership. Like any complex machine, cars need to be inspected, maintained, and repaired on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in working order and that there are no major issues that would cause a safety or performance problem.


Unlike many other shops, we have a policy that every time a vehicle comes in a shop for an oil change or whatever it may be that we do a full inspection including a digital inspection. We record what's wrong with any part of the vehicle. We look under the hood as seen in the picture below. We check your belts, hoses, fluids, air filter, for oil leaks, and much more.

Courtesy Inspection


A regular, complete car inspection consists of a thorough, systematic, point-to-point check of major aspects of the car's structure and operations. These are performed on a regular schedule and are conducted the same way every time, regardless of previous repairs or service. A car inspection typically includes:

  • Fluid checks (including oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, Power steering, coolant, windshield wiper fluid)
  • Tire check (pressure, tread check)
  • Brake inspection
  • Examination of hoses and belts (usually looking for wear or cracks)
  • Identification of any battery issues (battery test)
  • Filter check (including engine and cabin air filters)
  • Interior & Exterior lighting
  • Suspension

The purpose of a car inspection is not necessarily to correct anything, but rather to visually look over the vehicle and see if any issues need further attention. From there, more specialized technician work can follow if needed.


Forgoing regular check-ups for your car can mean disaster in the long run. It is very unwise to try to "save a few bucks" by skipping preventive maintenance.
Consequences of failing to regularly inspect and maintain your car:

  • Paying more for more extensive repairs later on
  • Long-term damage to your car, sometimes irreversible
  • Increased risk of a breakdown or accident, thus reducing car safety
  • Affected performance, including acceleration, gas efficiency, and even pollution/smog output

Here is an example: Driving while your car's engine coolant levels are low can cause damage to the water pump and other expensive parts. It's much cheaper to top off the coolant than to replace a major part. Or, if the air filter is dirty, it can result in greater fuel consumption, which can cost you hundreds of extra dollars a year in gas expenses.


What is really cool about our inspection process is that we have created our own inspection program with a customized checklist. We use our Tablets/ IPADS to ensure we have checked every part and if we do find a problem, we can scan a photo or video of it and show our customer. Unfortunately, in the auto repair industry, there is kind of a bad reputation of shops taking advantage of customers who do not know much about cars. So, by being able to actually show our customers what we are seeing, we help them feel more comfortable about the decisions they are making and it helps them trust us more!

Courtesy Inspection Courtesy Inspection Courtesy Inspection


As mentioned, most people don't know how to conduct a full car inspection. On top of that, most people don't know when to inspect their cars. Thus, the most practical thing to do is to hire a certified, experienced professional to conduct the inspection for you. Your service professional can recommend any service needed now as well as any major or long-term repairs that need to be done. Lastly, they'll be able to schedule your next appointment for you and set a date for your next vehicle service/ inspection.

Regular, comprehensive car inspections can save you lots of money and hassle in the long run. Do you need a detailed, thorough car inspection for your vehicle? Stop by Affordable Automotive Repair, Fredericksburg's favorite auto repair. We will text you the inspection report when completed.


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What our clients are saying about us

We have established longterm and stable partnerships with various clients thanks to our excellence in solving their automotive needs!

I had been having issues, check engine light (CEL) had been coming on for some time, didn't seem to effect engine performance, boy was I wrong. The issues started out with the notorious "loose gas cap", I did a little on line search and saw where it was an easy fix, so I replaced the gas cap. Well, wouldn't you know it; that didn't fix the problem. The next "code" that popped up was "small evap leak". I figured I'd find the leak myself and bought a smoke machine. Well, long story short, I never used the smoke machine, I'm getting to old to crawl around on my truck searching for some small leak in the evap system. The easy fix was disconnect the battery, problem fixed, for a while. The problems went from loose gas cap, small evap leak, to misfire on #2 cyl. It seemed that every time I disconnected the battery, the truck seemed to run fine, for a while. I've been taking my vehicles to Affordable Automotive for years for inspections, I took my 2015 Ram 1500 in and told them the story, seems that the issue was the injectors were starting to fail, James called me and gave me the diagnosis, James and the people at Affordable Automotive are the greatest, can't say enough about them, my truck runs like new! I will definitely be bringing my vehicles to Affordable Automotive in the future! quotes-image
, 11/28/2023
Great customer service! This is what I remembered from previous visits in the past to Affordable Auto Repair. They are friendly and courteous. They take the time to explain everything up front and answer all your questions. Matthew handled everything concerning my service from beginning to end. James also followed up to make sure things were right and was a great listener. Just good people to deal with. Oh what did I have done? Had my 2007 Toyota Highlander inspected there today. Inspections are always a necessary pain and I hate it when it comes around. I was there when they opened at 8am and they took my car in right away. I had a couple of items that needed to be fixed to pass which Chris the inspector explained to me and showed me. Matthew, who checked me in, said if I got these fixed, they would slip me back in to verify the fixes, remove the Rejection and replace it with a new inspection sticker. Done deal! Just as they said! I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks Matthew, James, and Chris! quotes-image
, 07/28/2021