Pre Purchase Inspections

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Considering the purchase of a used vehicle?
Opt for our pre-purchase inspection priced at $122.75 to gain valuable insights and peace of mind before making a decision. Our comprehensive inspection covers the vehicle from bumper to bumper, providing you with a detailed digital report complete with photos and pertinent information.

During the inspection, we meticulously examine all safety components, assess fluids, check for stored codes, and conduct a thorough test drive. Additionally, we provide insights into upcoming maintenance requirements, empowering you with a clear understanding of the potential costs associated with the vehicle. Importantly, you do not have to be present for the inspection. Many local dealerships entrust us with inspecting vehicles on their behalf, and we extend this service to customers both locally and across state lines. To facilitate the process, most dealerships in the area can conveniently drop the vehicle off with us.

This detailed information not only equips you with the knowledge to make an informed decision but also provides a solid foundation when engaging with dealerships. It allows you to negotiate confidently and ensures transparency in the transaction. Recognizing that not all dealerships are alike, we encourage you to not only scrutinize the vehicle but also research and evaluate the dealership itself. Explore Google reviews to gain insights into the experiences of other customers, helping you make a well-informed choice in both the vehicle and the dealership.

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What our clients are saying about us

We have established longterm and stable partnerships with various clients thanks to our excellence in solving their automotive needs!

I had been having issues, check engine light (CEL) had been coming on for some time, didn't seem to effect engine performance, boy was I wrong. The issues started out with the notorious "loose gas cap", I did a little on line search and saw where it was an easy fix, so I replaced the gas cap. Well, wouldn't you know it; that didn't fix the problem. The next "code" that popped up was "small evap leak". I figured I'd find the leak myself and bought a smoke machine. Well, long story short, I never used the smoke machine, I'm getting to old to crawl around on my truck searching for some small leak in the evap system. The easy fix was disconnect the battery, problem fixed, for a while. The problems went from loose gas cap, small evap leak, to misfire on #2 cyl. It seemed that every time I disconnected the battery, the truck seemed to run fine, for a while. I've been taking my vehicles to Affordable Automotive for years for inspections, I took my 2015 Ram 1500 in and told them the story, seems that the issue was the injectors were starting to fail, James called me and gave me the diagnosis, James and the people at Affordable Automotive are the greatest, can't say enough about them, my truck runs like new! I will definitely be bringing my vehicles to Affordable Automotive in the future! quotes-image
, 11/28/2023
Great customer service! This is what I remembered from previous visits in the past to Affordable Auto Repair. They are friendly and courteous. They take the time to explain everything up front and answer all your questions. Matthew handled everything concerning my service from beginning to end. James also followed up to make sure things were right and was a great listener. Just good people to deal with. Oh what did I have done? Had my 2007 Toyota Highlander inspected there today. Inspections are always a necessary pain and I hate it when it comes around. I was there when they opened at 8am and they took my car in right away. I had a couple of items that needed to be fixed to pass which Chris the inspector explained to me and showed me. Matthew, who checked me in, said if I got these fixed, they would slip me back in to verify the fixes, remove the Rejection and replace it with a new inspection sticker. Done deal! Just as they said! I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks Matthew, James, and Chris! quotes-image
, 07/28/2021